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Why I Meditate: "Because It Works!"

Why I Meditate: “Because It Works!”

“I remember reading somewhere that the first step in getting disentangled is experiencing entanglement.  You have to be able to see what’s going on before you can have a workable relationship with it, and this is what I’ve found meditation does for me. I don’t really know how meditation works or why it works –...
Why I Meditate: "The World Needs It"

Why I Meditate: “The World Needs It”

    “I never realized how much effect I had on other people until I started meditating. People really notice when you’re relaxed, and open, and you don’t take yourself so seriously. I know I feel more relaxed when I’m around those people. I also really feel it when people around me are pissed off,...
Why I Meditate: "I Need The Space"

Why I Meditate: “I Need The Space”

  “I meditate because it makes me feel less crowded. Spaciousness was one of the fist things I remember feeling after I learned to meditate. It was the first time I purposefully created a gap in my thoughts. Our brains job is to think. But sometimes things are racing around way too much in there....
Why I Meditate: "Less Stress"

Why I Meditate: “Less Stress”

I’ve experienced many benefits in my life as a result of learning to meditate and having a regular meditation practice. But the most profound effect for me has been my ability to manage stress. Like a lot of people, I have to work with stress in my life. Some of that came from not realizing...